Unlimited content and strategy services for the technology industry

High-quality written content in a cost-effective, flexible subscription model that works for you. Pause or cancel at any time.

Because high-quality tech content shouldn’t be that hard (or that expensive).

All the content you need, faster and at lower cost than working with agencies and freelancers.

Request as many projects as you’d like.

Receive a first draft within a few days.

We’ll revise/finalize and then tackle your next content request. 

Get more content at a lower total cost than retainers or per-piece pricing. 

“Jason is more than just another writer. He’s officially an extension of the DataBank marketing team, having developed excellent relationships with many of our key internal stakeholders. Jason has played a valuable role in writing a wide range of content to support our sales and marketing goals each month. His experience with B2B technology has elevated the quality of all our content.”

Judith McGill

Vice President of Strategic Marketing

A new content approach that’s “just right”

Until now, high-tech marketing teams have had two options when outsourcing content marketing pieces:


Freelancers who claim to be tech experts, but inevitably disappoint with bad writing and missed deadlines.


Expensive, process-heavy agencies that deliver content “next month” – not nearly as fast as your business demands.

Now there’s a new way to get first-rate content that drives real business results: technology-focused writing delivered as a service.


Content that works for you

Say goodbye to past outsourcing options that didn’t give you exactly what you needed. Say hello to a new content delivery model with all of your needs in mind.

Fixed monthly rate

No surprises! Pay the same fixed price every month.

Technology expertise

25 years’ experience writing B2B content for the high-tech industry.

Premium service for less

High-quality content at a much lower cost than per-piece pricing or confusing retainers.

Flexible and scalable

Scale up/down, reprioritize content requests, or pause or cancel at any time.

Fast delivery

Get your content projects one at a time, faster than what agencies can deliver.

Built-in advisory services

Benefit from experience-based advice for more effective content strategies.

Content Catalog

Emails to white papers … and everything in between

Call it a win-win-win: Faster content, at a lower total cost, that delivers real marketing results.


Solution briefs
Case studies
Product positioning

Thought Leadership

White papers
Byline articles
Research reports
Industry analysis

Lead Generation

SEO blog articles
Playbooks/How-to guides
Email nurture campaigns
Landing pages

Content Marketing/PR

Contributed articles
Press releases
Web content
Technical content
AI content polishing

“We turn to Jason to write our highest profile and most important content, such as our annual industry trends report, white papers, and other longer-format thought leadership pieces. He understands the current business landscape and knows how our technology can help our customers overcome their specific challenges. His research-based, journalistic approach to writing has helped our content become more business-focused, credible, and compelling.”

David Howland

Chief Marketing Officer

About Jason Rasmuson

I’m a Massachusetts-based writer with 25 years’ experience writing for the technology industry. I’ve been self-employed for nearly 15 years, writing about cloud computing, cybersecurity, FinTech, and HR/talent management as well as for specialized audiences such as managed service providers (MSPs) and IT/OT leaders.

I truly enjoy writing about the intersection of business and technology to help B2B marketing teams create high-quality, credible content that drives real-world results. At the same time, I realize our prospects may not have time to “read it all,” so I use a visual-first writing style to make the end result as appealing – and as effective – as possible.

Speaking of unexpected intersections, I have a B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. While I’ve forgotten everything I learned about Shakespeare and you should never let me anywhere near a balance sheet, I believe the combination of these experiences helped me understand business, learn more about the role technology can play, and become a better writer.

“Jason helped us support a leading technology company for about 18 months. He wrote exemplary case studies—clear, informative, and compelling—and other content that described how the client’s sophisticated technology could provide real-world business results. Jason demonstrated professionalism in representing our agency to our client and exceptional communication skills in his interviews with C-level executives that formed the basis of his writing. And he delivers on time. I highly recommend him.”

Jack Kirshbaum

Senior Editor

Transparent Pricing

High-quality technology content. Unlimited content requests. Get more done to exceed your marketing goals.

Pause or cancel at any time.
One content request at a time
Monthly strategy meeting
Accelerated delivery and revisions
Content strategy services
Easy credit-card payments
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“I highly recommend Jason. He supported our cybersecurity content marketing and demand generation teams for nearly two years. His work was always top notch – delivered on time and with accuracy.”

Chris Hartman

Content Marketing Lead


What is a content subscription model?

Running Start Communication offers a subscription-based content model to deliver high-quality written content for marketing teams in the technology industry.

This model helps you accelerate the content-development process at a fraction of the cost associated with in-house writers, outside agencies, and freelancers.

How is this different than a retainer or per-project pricing?

Retainer models based are notoriously hard to quantify and often leave clients wondering if they’re getting what they pay for. Per-project pricing may be easier to understand, but fees can quickly add up, especially for marketing teams who need a lot of content, but don’t have a lot of budget.

The time is right for a new approach: a monthly subscription model that gives you better content, faster, and at a much lower cost than retainers or per-project pricing.

Why Running Start instead of a freelance writer or even a content agency?

Finding a freelancer with enough experience in the technology industry can be hard. Even if you do, many writers disappoint by overpromising and underdelivering with missed deadlines and writing that misses the mark.

Content agencies may seem to overcome these challenges – “we have project managers and customer success staff” – but these extra layers add too much process, time delays, and cost.

With Running Start, you get ongoing access to a writer with 25 years of experience writing for the technology industry, but in a cost-effective subscription model that delivers maximum output at minimal cost.

Are there other benefits to this model?

We believe in the power of partnership. Unlike transactional freelancers, Running Start operates at its best when we serve as an ongoing, virtual, and strategic member of your team.

We are committed to your success and play a proactive role to help you achieve it. We go above and beyond by proactively pitching new content ideas, volunteering for “hot potato” projects, and suggesting ways to get more assets out of a single project.

Good point, but are there additional benefits I should consider?

Flexibility! Imagine you suddenly inherit a big project you didn’t expect, complete with aggressive deadlines and high pressure from executive stakeholders.

Instead of scrambling to find the right resource – and potentially paying a premium – you can simply prioritize this project as part of your content subscription with Running Start. We’ll get it done to meet your deadline, without charging additional fees.

Marketing teams do their best to plan their work and support internal SLAs and ongoing requests, but surprises pop up every once in a while. A content subscription model gives you the flexibility to handle these possible bumps in the road in stride – and keep your clients happy.

How do we work together?

You (or your team) are free to line up as many project requests as you like. During our monthly strategy meeting, we’ll map out the specifics for each project. We then systematically address each project one after the other. Once you’re completely satisfied with the results of one, we start tackling the next one.

We default to a Trello workspace for clients without a project management platform. Yet we’re willing to work within whatever systems you have in place. 

Smaller requests (emails and landing pages, for example) are completed in two-three days. Medium projects (blog articles, case studies, press releases) can be done in four-five days Longer requests, such as eBooks and white papers, require more time and will be officially scoped and scheduled.

In the vast majority of cases, second drafts and final revisions are handled within one business day, giving you fast responses and accelerated projects.

How does payment work?

We want to make it easy for you. If you prefer to receive a standard invoice, we will send an invoice as soon as we start working together. This reflects the fact that we’ll get to work right away for the month ahead and lets us get paid on a 30-day cycle.

Or for marketing teams who already pay for many other subscription-based services using a corporate card, we also accept payment by credit card.

No contracts required. Pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Who will be working on my projects?

Running Start Communications is a one-man agency. You’ll work directly with Jason Rasmuson on all projects, but don’t worry, I have the passion, experience, and bandwidth you need to develop credible, compelling marketing content.

Learn more about my experience or my background.

Still have questions?